“ When you travel alone, you travel with your soul, its enriching.”


Solo travel is truly the best gift you can give to yourself as it really changes you as a person and lets you grow. Though it can be a little daunting at first, but if you’re a little careful and alert you’re sure to have the best time of your life. Here are 8 tips everyone must keep in mind before their first solo trip



  1. Pre-Bookings: Its always advisable that you book your hotels in advance. The need increases when you’re traveling alone because you want to seriously avoid any last minute hassles.


  1. Keep Your Travel Documents Safe: When you’re traveling to a foreign country, you need to keep your passport and other travel documents safe. Its always a good idea to keep a scanned copy of these documents on your phone and on your email, to avoid any problems.


  1. Download City Maps: It’s better to be self-sufficient when you’re traveling alone, and you don’t want to appear as a lost tourist who is easy to mug. This is why it is essential to have road maps and maps of all public transports of the city downloaded on your phone.


  1. Learn The Local Language: If you’re traveling to a foreign county or even to a different state, it’s possible that the local people over there would not be able to understand any language except the local language. Learn a few common words and phrases which will help you communicate to the local people like taxi drivers and food vendors, incase you need to


  1. Travel Light: Traveling alone, it’s obvious that you would have to carry all that you’re taking along all by yourself. Keep your luggage light and pack only what you really need. This not only makes it easy to carry around but also lets you find what you need more easily!.


  1. Dress Comfortably: The whole point of a solo trip is to get to know the culture of the place you’re visiting, and that’s best observed when you travel to the interiors. Be prepared to walk a lot and wear comfortable clothes and footwear. Its also a fun idea to try the local clothes!!


  1. Don’t Hesitate In Interacting With Other Travelers: One of the biggest fears about traveling alone is the fear of feeling lonely. This can be overcome by being open to interacting with other travelers, who are probably in the same mental state as you!!


All this been said, remember to have fun, take a few risks but still be safe! This is probably once in a life time opportunity so enjoy it the fullest!

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